I supported Mike Bosnic in the primary. After seeing the campaign mailings and hearing reports of campaign tactics, I see no need to change.

Mike Bosnic is the best qualified candidate for 52-4 District Judge (Troy/Clawson), in my opinion. His experience as a prosecutor as well as a litigant in civil and criminal cases is the most extensive of the two remaining candidates. He is endorsed by the entire non-partisan Clawson school board and city council, having served on the former for nine years. As judge, he will be guided by the letter of the law, looking to the statutory intent if the law is not clear (statement from Oakland County Bar Association questionnaire). This is a key difference between him and his opponent.

Michigan needs rule of law judges like Mike Bosnic on the bench (click for link to his website). Please join me in voting for him November 4.

For candidate surveys (see example from Mike Bosnic) and analysis of this and other political races, visit my blog on USAmeltingpot.org.


Anne-Marie DeVito finished third in the primary race (follow the link to her survey), and reported on her campaign website that her signs were being removed unlawfully.

“Unfortunately, a lot of my signs are being taken down unlawfully. Thank you to all who have notified us! If you see this occurring, please contact the authorities. If yours has been taken down, please let us know and we will gladly replace it. Your support is greatly appreciated as I have the best supporters! This will not knock me down. I know that justice, fairness, honesty and integrity will prevail. Thank you!”

I’m hopeful that her supporters will vote for Mike Bosnic.


Candidate Maureen McGinnis has the support of many judges (a very creative mailing adding all their years of experience). Liberal voters may prefer her, since she often sided with the liberal bloc on the Troy Council (council votes on selection of the new mayor, council splits over Transit Center funding, etc.)

The conservatives on the Troy Council are all endorsing Bosnic. Most McGinnis supporters are Democrats, with a few Republicans, while the less well-known Bosnic enjoys support of the entire non-partisan Clawson school board and city council, where his law practice is based.

Bosnic sent out fewer mailings, but is the better candidate, in my opinion, having more years of experience, including experience as a prosecutor. Either way, District 52-4 will have a well-qualified new judge after the November election. Best wishes to both candidates!