Taking action to prevent suicides, a west Michigan car dealer started a “Be NICE” program to prevent suicides like that of his brother, who suffered from depression before taking his own life:

  • Be: Be aware.
  • N: Notice what’s “right and good” about a person and their normal behavior.
  • I: Invite yourself to speak with them.
  • C: Challenge them and yourself. Is there a reason why these things are happening? Be willing to ask the tough question, are you planning to kill yourself?
  • E: Empower yourself to advise the person to get help.

His program is now being taught in Michigan schools, with over 100,000 students hearing about it.

This Automotive News article is worth reading. It may save someone’s life.


And veterans are dying at 20 per day, making up 18% of all suicides in the USA, according to an article in Military Times.


Depression is not a joking matter, it’s a very dangerous disease – stinkin’ thinkin’ that gets hold of people. I have battled depression on and off for more than ten years. The preceding link goes to a presentation I made at work a few years ago.

So think twice before you joke about depression.

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