Guess being in prison for running a dog-fighting ring is not as controversial as taking a knee during the National Anthem. Michael Vick paid his debt with his 18 months in prison. Colin’s offense continues. Colin Kaepernick should consider standing for it and maybe he’ll land a job playing football again.

America is a great country. Plenty of veterans (including African-Americans since the Revolutionary and Civil Wars) have bled and died for his freedom to trample on the American flag. But NFL fans do not have to patronize games when the players choose do disrespect the National Anthem of the country that has given them the opportunity to earn a great living playing pro football.

It’s got nothing to do with the hairstyle, Michael…. Perhaps Colin Kaepernick should broaden his reading to include some other authors besides ones who confirm his victim mentality. It’s true that African-Americans have gotten a raw deal over the years in America, but all Americans, yellow, red, black, white and brown, have the most freedom of any country on earth in this, the greatest nation in the history of the planet, as Darryl Wood (a black talk show host on AM 1500) is fond of saying.


Michael Vick’s Advice to Colin Kaepernick: Cut Your Afro