Assuming creatures on Earth are the creation of the mysterious higher being, then the main challenges for him/her/it are to design

  • a) the physical form of each creature;
  • b) a self-sufficient system within each creature;
  • c) a strategy that ensures their self-reproduction.  

Let’s assume ‘hunger for food’ is the desire devised into creatures to support b), while ‘hunger for sex’ is the craving introduced to support c).  Then the dynamics of the ecosystem seems to be easy to understand and it should be self-sustaining.  The only disturbing part is that carnivore has to kill other animals to survive.

But when it comes to modern human, above dynamic system won’t work and it won’t be self-sustaining neither.  The root cause is our ‘hunger for stuff (money & all non-essential materials)’.  The desire to own stuff is not only destroying the ecosystem on earth, but is also the source of all evils.  Many crimes today are eviler than a lion killing a lamb.

Then why would human have ‘hungers for stuff’, while other animals won’t?  If it is part of the creation by the higher being, then it only makes sense if the higher being wants the system to destroy itself.  If it is not part of the creation, then what could it be?

Is there a fix? Probably not if this desire is programmed into us so that the system will be self-destroying. If it is not the case, then we really need to understand the origin of such desire before we can actually do anything.