Colorado cake artist and baker Jack Phillips lost his Colorado Appeals Court ruling on August 13. It will probably be appealed to the Colorado Supreme Court and may ultimately end up in the U.S. Supreme Court. Follow the link to learn some of the flaws in the ruling from attorney David French of National Review, the former chief counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom. Here’s an alternate opinion from the ACLU.

A Christian since the late 1970s, Jack Phillips estimated he’s lost about $100,000 since he has stopped making all wedding cakes rather than violate his conscience. He told the two men who asked him to supply a cake for a Colorado reception to celebrate their Massachusetts gay wedding:

‘Sorry, guys, I don’t make cakes for same-sex weddings.’


‘I’ll make you birthday cakes, shower cakes, sell you cookies or brownies, but I just don’t do cakes for same-sex weddings.’

Then they stormed out of his bakery with a torrent of profanity, and he was left to explain his views the next day on the phone to the mother of one of the young men, who had been seated at a nearby table.

Here’s another excerpt from Ken McIntyre’s interview:

Q: Have you received any support or encouragement from people who say ‘I’m gay, or I’m a lesbian, and I respect your religious freedom?’

A: Yeah, quite a few. The other day a guy from Daytona Beach called and left a message. He said he’s gay and he wanted to offer his support, and gave me his phone number to call him back.

So that’s one, but there’s dozens or hundreds of gays who say they think this is just not right [and is] politically motivated mostly. ‘You have the right to turn us down and these people are making us all look like we’re terrorists. … But we’re not, we just want to live our lives.’

One of the local radio shows did a remote broadcast here. We had people lined up for two hours. The very first man who came in was a gay man who said, ‘I’m here to support you,’ and he bought some stuff. And for a while he came in once a week [or] once a month.


Phillips hasn’t had to lay anyone off, but has lost employees due to attrition. At one time he had 15 people working there, and now he has six on the payroll including three part time. His sister helps out and won’t accept pay. His 88-year-old mother volunteers at Masterpiece Cakeshop, preparing deposits and paying bills a few hours each week.


I commend the entire article by Ken McIntyre to your reading. At least take a look at the Norman Rockwell style painting of Jack Phillips made by his daughter Lisa.


Here is more information about four cases working their way up through the court system: two bakeries including Masterpiece in Colorado, a florist and a photographer.

Finally, an op-ed piece by Ryan Anderson argues for peaceful coexistence between people with differing views on marriage, post-Supreme Court 5-4 ruling mandating gay marriage.

Dueling legislation proposed by opposing sides mentioned in Anderson’s article probably stands little chance of passage in Congress (Equality Act proposed by liberal Democrats, and the First Amendment Defense Act supported by social conservatives), so we will be left with the court system to rule on the issue of religious liberty and conscience rights vs. coerced conformance to the new definition of marriage and family.

Congress members generally vote with their “vote bank” regardless of principle to stay in office (listen to the Democrats defend taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood), so the choice of the next President, who will appoint federal judges and probably a few Supreme Court judges is a vital one.