Interesting article about the National Popular Vote movement and their tactics. NPV itself is an end run around the normal process of amending the Constitution. Their latest tactic to sneak it past the MN legislature by having a separate bill (which will probably be voted down again) AND an omnibus spending bill just may work.

More about NPV (not Net Present Value which is important for good economic decisions) in the article if you haven’t heard about this before.

Why is keeping the Electoral College important for businesses? The markets don’t like uncertainty. This would also hurt the flyover states that provide most of our food supply and the states with minerals and energy sources like natural gas, coal and oil.

It’s been said that mining, manufacturing and agriculture are the areas that create genuine wealth. Other industries are generally service oriented, which we need.

But optional things that tend to consume our excess wealth and provide entertainment (e.g. sports, movies, music etc. and much of the news media) do not generate wealth. These things aren’t necessarily bad, but they don’t create wealth.

Fortunately, if the National Popular Vote does get sneaked past the American people, it will likely get challenged and end up in the Supreme Court. And thanks to President Trump with advice from Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society, we now have a conservative, rule of law majority on the high court. Also many solid federal judges are being appointed.

U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court

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