Republicans Hate Refugees (NOT TRUE)

Conservatives have heard the Democrat lies for years: the evil Republicans want to poison the air & water, war on women & minorities, scaring senior citizens with lies about their Social Security, etc. etc. Repeated by their allies in the mainstream media.

In the wake of the horrific Paris terror attacks on Friday, November 13, 2015, a new campaign tactic has emerged to support President Obama’s clueless foreign policy in the Middle East (appeasement for our enemies, betrayal of our allies). He is intent on playing politics, attacking Republicans as being mean-spirited and “un-American”) because they want to screen refugees (or suspend refugee immigration from certain war zones for a while. The consummate campaigner, he has forgotten his job as President and commander in chief is to protect the American people and our interests by DEFEATING the radical Islamist terror group that has seized an area the size of Maryland in Syria and Iraq.

Instead, he and Secretary of State John Kerry, and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton all speak of CONTAINING what President Obama called the “JV team” and trying to “understand” them, instead of laying out a credible plan to DEFEAT ISIS.

The sooner everyone realizes that the free world and our allies are fighting World War 2.2 to stamp out guerrilla forces opposing our very way of life, the better. If this war is not won, soon we will be fighting WW3, possibily with nuclear weapons. These jihadist terrorists will stop at nothing to kill everyone who does not agree with their radical interpretation of the Qu’ran, including fellow Muslims. No wonder Mark Levin calls them IslamoNazis (the terrorist subset of Islam).

The Republican presidential candidates, the Muslim President of Egypt and the Muslim King of Jordan are all willing to say we are at war with radical Islamic terrorists (ISIS). They and other terror groups such as Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, etc. are a small subset of Islam – that goes without saying. Perhaps 10% of Muslims are radical extremists, or sympathize or support them. But 10% of  1,570,000,000 people is still 157 million, and even a few of them getting in to other countries can wreak havoc. But American Democratic leaders still will not say that we are at war with radical Islamic terrorists, clinging to worn-out softer rhetoric like “we are not at war with Islam.” Of course we are not at war with Islam, we are at war with the terror groups, which are a subset of Islam.

Many Islamic leaders and everyday Muslims agree that Islam needs a reformation to purge or marginalize the radical strains of Islam from both Sunni (ISIS) and Shia Islam (such as some Iranian leaders who deny the Holocaust and want to wipe Israel off the map).

Iran Nuclear Deal

Why President Obama would betray the one stable democracy in the Middle East (Israel) by making a deal that guarantees Iran the ability to have a nuclear weapon in ten years, sparking a nuclear arms race in a powder keg region is beyond me. And why the U.S. Senate would abdicate its treaty role is even more incomprehensible, since most Americans and most Senators oppose the deal. Sure, the lifting of sanctions will help the Iranian economy and the people of Iran, but it will also allow the Iranian government to use much of their new revenue to develop conventional missiles and export more arms to terror groups.

Governors, including Michigan’s, Oppose Refugee Resettlement

About half the nation’s governors oppose refugee resettlement from Syria in their states UNTIL PROPER SCREENING OF THE TERRORISTS CAN BE ENSURED. I’m using all caps because many media outlets and commenters forget that temporary caveat. People disagree on what proper screening is; let’s debate that. But please, let’s drop the rhetoric about heartless “so-called Christians” in office “pandering to their base.”

Here’s former Senator Jim DeMint’s analysis of President Obama’s failed foreign policy against ISIS (the “JV team” is contained…, so no need for a change??), and a defense of the mostly Republican governors who are putting the safety of their citizens first. Jim DeMint is now President of the Heritage Foundation, a respected conservative policy organization in Washington, DC. You can read their non-partisan policy ideas by visiting their website.

2016 Presidential Politics

In a comment to a Patch article, Presidential candidate Ben Carson was criticized by one of my normally more reasonable, thoughtful critics: “By the way, it’s interesting that Carson compared all refugees to rabid dogs” (emphasis mine)

Fact check: Dr. Carson wants to properly screen out the few terrorists (ones with rabies) from the true refugees (all dogs). Apparently this critic missed basic math class, including sets and subsets (or was referring to an inaccurate, biased source). An apt analogy reported here in Business Insider. You can even watch a video of Carson making the statement and decide for yourself.

This same Patch article, mostly critical of Governor Snyder, ignited a firestorm of controversy attacking my views, especially my religious beliefs, after I posted this comment about this political issue: ”I agree with Gov. Snyder: put the U.S. resettlement of Syrian refugees on hold for now. More than half the nation’s governors have also voiced their opposition.”

If you’re bored, you can read some of the vitriol from the rest of the loyal Patch commenters, who generally oppose me like hornets (cookiepro2=ckp2ator excepted).

The Campaign for the White House

Most of the other Republican Presidential candidates also have thoughtful plans for defending our country overseas. I have heard interviews of Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio on this topic. You can visit all candidates’ campaign websites for more information on their foreign policy and economic proposals.

Flashback to the late 1970s

Presidential Obama’s foreign policy is making me and other conservatives nostalgic for Jimmy Carter’s weakness towards our adversaries. At least Jimmy Carter had the Camp David peace accords. Economic malaise at home and weakness abroad, symbolized by the hostages held by Iranians who stormed our embassy in Tehran.

Peace through strength turned out to be a better strategy. The hostages were released after 444 days on Ronald Reagan’s Inauguration Day.  President Reagan’s policies defeated the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

President Obama’s foreign policy achievements include opening up diplomatic relations with Cuba (may be a good thing, we will see), and the Iran nuclear deal (probably a disastrous thing, hopefully we won’t see the bitter fruits of that).

Governors can’t really do much more than write letters of complaint and direct their states to not spend state funds to resettle the refugees, however. Just like they can’t force the federal government to enforce the immigration laws already on the books.

Legislation Introduced in Congress

In response to the Paris terror attacks, Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., introduced legislation on Monday afternoon that would suspend issuance of visas to refugees from countries with a high risk of terrorism until the U.S. Department of Homeland Security meets certain standards. Those standards include fingerprinting and screening all refugees, implement a tracking system “to catch attempted overstays,” and enhancing security measures that are already in place.

“The time has come to stop terrorists from walking in our front door. The Boston Marathon bombers were refugees, and numerous refugees from Iraq, including some living in my hometown, have attempted to commit terrorist attacks,” Paul said in a press release.

Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, also called to suspend the refugee program.

“The Syrian refugee program should be suspended until the American people are satisfied that they know exactly who the president is admitting into the country via this program,” Burr said. “There is simply too much at stake, and the security of the American people should be our top priority.”

For more on the governors’ actions, read the rest of this article by Kelsey Harkness of Heritage Foundation.

Refugee Crisis was Already an Issue

The cover story of the WORLD magazine November 14 issue of on the refugee crisis. This thoughtful article “Who is my Neighbor?” was written before the November 13 Paris attacks, which brought the migration issue of radicals under sharper scrutiny.


Both political parties spin statistics to their advantage. But overall the Democrats, who staunchly defend Planned Parenthood, an organization who takes living unborn babies from their mothers’ womb (legally of course), killing them in such a way to save some of the body parts for sale (well, now they are not selling the parts after having been caught), are more Deceitful, Distorting and Distracting from the real issues.

So add “Hard-hearted Republicans don’t care about refugees” to the latest DDD Democrat campaign tactic to be used in the coming year. In reality, the Dems have no credible plan to defeat ISIS. So they try to defeat their other enemy instead: Republicans.

Further questions

What is the difference between a true refugee and a migrant who is seeking a better life?

Why have very few of the wealthy Arab neighbors accepted refugees?

What is the most effective way to help those in need?

These are topics for discussion and may be the subject of further articles. I welcome your comments on what I have written.