Headed for the Oregon Supreme Court, Judge Vance Day has had some old previously dismissed charges dredged up by political opponents and one new one:

asking staff members to refer same-sex couples seeking marriage licenses to other circuit court judges because it conflicts with his sincere religious convictions.

He’s one of 14 judges on the Marion County Circuit Court, six of whom perform weddings. Nothing in Oregon law requires judges to perform weddings. He decided to stop officiating at all weddings about a year ago.

An investigative panel says that by declining to perform same-sex weddings on religious grounds, he violated both the state’s constitution and code of conduct for judges.

Ken McIntyre’s article describes the case thoroughly and has links to a TV interview of Judge Day. The photo shows him standing with Mike Vollmar, son of a World War II paratrooper, in front of a disputed tribute to veterans at the Marion County Courthouse. One of the accusations in the 13 count complaint is that he displayed pictures of Hitler (which was part of memorabilia from WW2 veterans shown in the photo).

Judge Day with paratrooper's son and photo of Hitler - one of the panel's complaints

Judge Day with paratrooper’s son and photo of Hitler – one of the panel’s complaints

Judge Day has solid ground to stand on and some good people defending him. The commission hearing starts November 9; they have set aside up to 9 more days for the case. The public may then find out who filed the complaint. The commission’s findings will go to the Oregon Supreme Court.

Stay tuned for results of this case.