• Overpopulation of deer is unsafe for deer and for people.
    • Deer Vehicle Crashes (DVCs) are on the rise due to loss of habitat (from the improved economy).
    • Car and medical insurance losses, chance of serious injury or death to people. 200 people each year die on U.S. roads. Death to most deer.
    • $2 billion annual property damage, half to vehicles.
    • Also unsafe for pets, especially large dogs (front hooves used as defense).
    • Deer ticks carry Lyme Disease.

What can we do about it? Lots of options. Several will be examined below and in future articles.

Regional solution is needed

  • Deer do not respect fences unless 8 feet or higher.
  • They will migrate from one city to the next if they lose habitat or more food is available in the next township.
  • Rochester Hills has a staff member who works half time on deer management.
  • Work with DNR to determine size of herd for healthy deer in each township (6×6 square miles, variable amounts of deer habitat).
  • Work together with county government and other cities in Oakland County.
  • Allow limited bow hunting in more parks and other areas (Nature Center for a day or two) than currently?
  • See Pittsburgh solution.

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