Conservative commentator, author and speaker Ann Coulter, a University of Michigan law school graduate with an impressive bio, nails the truth (and some Republicans) to the border wall in her article Not Building the Wall IS a Government Shutdown.

I encourage everyone to read Ann Coulter’s border wall column and tell me what you think in the comments. Coulter, an early supporter of Donald Trump, has repeatedly said that the most important thing President Trump must do is build the wall. There are many good reasons to build it, if framed properly. A country with open borders is more vulnerable to illegal drugs being imported, disregard for laws (sanctuary cities) etc. Are we a nation of laws or of people’s opinions? Far too frequently, laws are ignored at the whim of those in charge. Selective enforcement reached new lows during the Obama administration.

Among the many good reasons she cites for building it is a huge flow of illegal drugs over the southern border fueling a rampant drug addiction epidemic in cities and towns all across America. During the political campaign, Eric Trump spoke at Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac. Interestingly the local news coverage was silent on that part of his speech, trivializing the content of much of what was actually said by focusing on short sound bites to fit their narrative. The reporter zeroed in on the one negative comment I made rather than highlighting the great work Grace Centers is doing helping people break their addictions.

Since President Trump’s election, the mainstream media coverage of him has been 89-91% negative. This is not surprising considering 96% of journalist donations went to Hillary Clinton. Most news coverage of the new administration is horribly biased against the President, in my opinion, and the opinion of most Republicans. The Wall Street Journal editor raised controversy when he insisted that his reporters write from a neutral point of view or look for another job.

What should President Trump do about Berkeley? Here’s an opinion column suggesting he follow after what Ronald Reagan did. Of course it is not just the college students, but rather professional malcontents from outside the university community who are protesting.

From Ronald Reagan’s 1964 campaign speech for governor:

[D]o we no longer think it necessary to teach self-respect, self-discipline, and respect for law and order? Will we allow a great university to be brought to its knees by a noisy dissident minority? Will we meet their neurotic vulgarities with vacillation and weakness? Or will we tell those entrusted with administering the university we expect them to enforce a code based on decency, common sense, and dedication to the high and noble purpose of that university?

Be firm with the protestors, calling in the National Guard if necessary if the local police won’t do their job and make arrests.

Ann Coulter’s speech was cancelled after her sponsors pulled out and university officials cited safety concerns. Apparently the police are unable to deal with the unruly mob. (or unwilling). She said that the content of her speech was going to be in favor of enforcing current immigration laws. How radical!

Some have suggested that the next conservative speaker who actually gives a talk there should not have any protestors defending him/her but rather simulcast the speech live on an outdoor screen and let the protestors throw rocks and bottles (baby bottles?) at it. Those who want to see it in person live can enter the auditorium peacefully and those opposing can protest all they like outside. Then the narrative will have to be riots against one speaker, not pro-Trump supporters clashing with anti-fascists. This is perhaps a better way than escalating the violence by quashing it.

Free speech indeed, alive and well except in certain liberal bastions like Berkeley that are afraid to have an honest dialogue on the issues.

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