It should be no surprise that the news media has bias in its reporting. I recently reprinted an article from five years ago documenting several cases of bias. The many comments I received on Patch opposing my ideas mostly did not deal with the substance of the article, nor refuted any of the examples. They agreed that news reporting inherently has some bias and disagreed with some of my ratings. Check out the article and comments.

This article deals with the current Russia collusion controversy currently grabbing headlines. Finally the news media has something to go on with the latest emails from Donald Trump Jr., who was eager to meet with a Russian lawyer during last year’s Presidential campaign. Though nothing negative about Mrs. Clinton was apparently disclosed during their brief meeting, two things are problematic for the President: past denials of any meetings, and the impropriety of meeting with foreign nationals, particularly from a country that is not our ally. Was anything illegal done? Probably not, but it sure looks bad.

For some perspective, how did the media cover previous recent scandals such as:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting with former President Bill Clinton on the tarmac during an ongoing FBI investigation? They talked about family and grandkids and the furor quickly died down…

Clinton Foundation donations from foreign governments? Pay to play? No big deal, it’s the way business is done in today’s charitable world.

Secretary of State Clinton using her private email server for work emails, then deleting tens of thousands of emails that were under congressional subpoena? Whitewashed like Whitewater by the FBI director and the news media.

Here’s an article comparing the Trump emails and meeting with the Russian lawyer to the Democratic National Committee’s collusion with Ukrainian officials. There are many similarities and some differences between the two cases.

An older, better comparison

Perhaps a better comparison would be a sitting Senator and Presidential candidate who secretly contacted a high ranking official in the Soviet Union. Never heard of this one? Of course not.

In May, 1983, Senator Ted Kennedy was the subject of a KGB Letter from Viktor Chebrikov, head of the KGB, to Yuri Andropov, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (the top leader and a former KGB agent himself). Below are excerpts:

“Senator Kennedy, like other rational people, is very troubled by the current state of Soviet-American relations. … The main reason for this is Reagan’s belligerence…”

The letter goes on to propose that Andropov invite Kennedy to Moscow for a personal meeting in July, with televised interviews in August-September with a direct appeal to the American people.

“Tunney [former Democratic Senator from California and Kennedy’s law school roommate] remarks that the senator wants to run for president in 1988. … Kennedy does not discount that during the 1984 campaign, the Democratic Party may officially turn to him to lead the fight against the Republicans and elect their candidate president. This would explain why he is convinced that none of the candidates today have a real chance at defeating Reagan.

We await instructions.”

This letter is printed on pages 317-320 of Dr. Paul Kengor’s book The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of CommunismSenator Kennedy’s remarkable efforts are described in detail on pages 205-210 of this book. When his book was published in 2006, Professor Kengor was sure he would be grilled by Dan Rather, Katie Couric, 60 Minutes, and other mainstream news media personalities on this highly inflammatory topic. Though he appeared on conservative talk shows to discuss it, a great silence was found in mainstream sources.

Forbes printed an article in 2009 about Senator Kennedy’s contact with the Soviets, which referenced Tim Sebastian’s London Times 1992 article and Dr. Kengor’s book. It concluded “When President Reagan chose to confront the Soviet Union, calling it the evil empire that it was, Sen. Edward Kennedy chose to offer aid and comfort to General Secretary Andropov. On the Cold War, the greatest issue of his lifetime, Kennedy got it wrong.” Have you heard this before?

For more, just Google “Kennedy Russia Reagan” and you will get mostly conservative sources. Here’s a story from Heritage Foundation.

Finally, for an interesting conversation between Dr. Kengor and Mark Levin about this strange media blackout (relevant to the current controversy about Donald Trump Jr.), listen to their July 12, 2017 conversation on Levin’s radio program. Many people have no interest in listening to either person because of their conservative views. However, I suggest that it’s worth the 13 minutes to hear another point of view: two reasonable people talking as friends about Ted Kennedy’s Soviet collusion: a Catholic and a Jew who do not agree on religion but mostly agree on politics. According to Kengor, “Vladimir Putin is Mr. Rogers compared to Yuri Andropov. Andropov is odious.”

No information was given or received during the brief Trump Jr. meeting. The Kennedy document, in contrast to the amateur nature of Donald Trump, Jr.’s emails, is calculating and direct, perhaps even treasonous. But the mainstream media mostly ignored it. Why? Probably because they prefer progressive views and largely cheerlead for the Left.

Poland Connection  – Iron Curtain country now an ally

Dr. Paul Kengor’s latest book is A Pope and a President. Here is a National Review interview of Dr. Kengor regarding the book. I enjoyed reading Kengor’s Reagan book; I may add A Pope and a President to my reading list to learn more of the friendship between these two great leaders who brought down communism along with Britain’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Polish labor leader Lech Walesa. I recently read two books about Winston Churchill and have one written by Churchill yet to read (a suggestion from a Patch critic to improve my writing – read Churchill’s writing, not merely books about him).

Perhaps I will write a future blog post about President Trump’s speech in Warsaw, Poland. He may yet grow into Ronald Reagan’s shoes, though he has a long way to go. This speech was highly regarded in conservative circles and widely criticized on the Left.

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