Fall RuttingCoyotes & deer - unsafe

People may not realize approaching an unpredictable deer anytime is unwise. The fall rutting season and late March to early June, when does have young fawns, are especially hazardous. The picture above is from a military publication. It’s a brief article worth reading. The photo shows two bucks vigorously competing for the affections of a doe. Do you want this happening in your backyard, where children or pets are playing?

A doe can maim or kill a dog with her front hooves. Would a doe feel her fawns were threatened by a German Shepherd barking at them aggressively to protect his owner?


A neighbor’s German Shepherd was barking at 3 a.m. Two coyotes were on the back patio. The neighbor did not let the dog out (obviously!) Two on one is hardly a fair fight, even if the coyotes are smaller. It’s not just small pets and children that are in danger from coyotes.

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