My first blog post dealt with the unsavory choice many people are wrestling with this year in the Presidential race: Trump, Clinton, Third Party, or not voting. Options C and D are essentially the same thing, since either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be our next President, barring unforeseen catastrophes such as a tragic plane crash or illness.

I appreciate the thoughtful, candid feedback I received on my second article Pugh Analysis for Presidential Election from a few readers who disagreed with me. I realize most people already have strong opinions and are not likely to change them. Did not mean to offend anyone. As I said in the article, I know many good people who are voting for each of the four options: Trump, Clinton, Third Party, and Abstain for a variety of reasons.

Normally I present my opinions with a fair hearing for the other points of view. This time, my purpose in writing the previous article was to present the Pugh method for sorting out complex decisions where one candidate might line up with the voter’s values in one area but not another.

I was hoping to persuade Republican voters to hold their nose and vote for a candidate whose personal sexual morals and statements about minorities they find repugnant rather than vote third party or abstain. The Pugh analysis is structured in a fair way, unless the protest value of a third party vote is worth more than 20 or 30 points. Voting for someone who isn’t even on the ballot is the same as skipping the candidate or staying home (the worst of all choices). America’s system of choosing our leaders, as rough as it has gotten this year, is still the best in the world, in my opinion.

I also want to make sure potential Democratic voters are aware of the systemic problems with their party, especially the influence-peddling which appears to have been done by the Clinton Foundation. The mainstream media, even more so than previous elections, is biased in favor of the Democratic candidate. So this article and the previous one make no attempt at being balanced; its intent is to persuade!

By no means do I think the Republican Party is free from corruption. If Wikileaks released their emails, it would no doubt reveal some inappropriate back room deals. I don’t approve of the gerrymandered Michigan Congressional districts, nor sex scandals in a party that runs on family values.

As Paul Ryan said during the 2012 Vice Presidential debates to a condescending Joe Biden, there are good people on both sides of the abortion debate. I think the extreme pro-choice Democratic Party position is increasingly hard to defend with science and logic, regardless of whether one’s faith speaks on the issue.

Double Reverse by FBI Director

On October 28 James Comey announced that the FBI was reopening the investigation into mishandling of Clinton emails in the private server controversy. Last week I wrote, “Either a smoking gun for felony indictment, or more likely some more lawyerly words like “no reasonable prosecutor” would dare indict a high-ranking Presidential candidate or President-elect will be delivered within the week.”

On November 6, Comey reversed himself (my latter prediction), saying that 650,000 emails had been reviewed and he stood by his original opinion. Here are two competing views of the second letter. However, the Clinton Foundation investigation remains open. How aggressively it will be pursued remains an open question. National Review called the Clinton State Department a classic RICO influence-peddling enterprise.

The first few years of a Hillary Clinton Presidency, should she be elected, could be dogged with a controversy that makes Watergate look like child’s play. Of course, a Clinton Justice Department will be unlikely to appoint an independent special prosecutor, and even if she is eventually impeached or forced to resign, Vice President Tim Kaine would continue her liberal policies and could pardon her for the sake of healing the nation as Gerald Ford did.

Meanwhile the living Constitution Supreme Court nominees and pitched battles will continue. Will the Republicans keep control of the Senate and have the courage to vote no on activist nominees? They may have no stomach for the bad press they would get if they impeached her given the misleading nature of the two-part scandal and the whitewashing of the less serious part of it.

Hillary Clinton would enter office fighting scandals. Do we really want an Eva Peron or Imelda Marcos for our first female President? Why not wait for a Margaret Thatcher or Angela Merkel? By contrast, Donald Trump would enter office ready to work for the American people, his past in the past, not daily headlines.

Voters too young to remember Watergate would do well to remember past Clinton scandals: Travelgate, Filegate, etc. Now it’s the corrupt Clinton Foundation and credible allegations of pay to play documented by incriminating emails from high ranking aides. The Clintons left office broke by their own admission and have gotten rich by speaking fees; their foundation has raised millions from foreign governments while Hillary was Secretary of State.

Most Americans are weary of this bitter campaign and not very happy about the choices they face for President this year. A friend took a picture of his favorite yard sign, spotted in Beverly Hills, Michigan: “Bush / Quayle ‘92”. Whatever your political preferences, please express them legally and peacefully. Whoever is elected will have a huge task uniting the country since both candidates are so widely disliked by the other half of the country.

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