Republican State Representative Martin Howrylak faces a rematch of two years ago with Democrat Mary Kerwin challenging him. I attended the League of Women Voters Forum in Clawson Monday, October 13, and listened to the responses given by the State House and Senate candidates to the questions posed in the forum.

I greeted several candidates whom I knew: Martin Howrylak, Wade Fleming, candidate for Oakland County Commissioner, Marty Knollenberg, Republican candidate for State Senate and met Cyndi Peltonen, Democratic candidate for State Senate, whom I had exchanged emails with during the primary but never met before. It was an informative debate with sharp contrasts between the candidates. If you didn’t get a chance to attend and are still undecided, it will be rebroadcast on cable TV.

Endorsed by the Realtors, Retailers, Contractors, Physicians and Physical Therapaists Associations, and the National Federation of Independent Businesses, among others, Martin Howrylak is seeking re-election to his Troy/Clawson State House seat. His positions on issues are listed on his campaign website.

Democrat Mary Kerwin’s endorsements are somewhat vague. “An Independent Voice of Reason, Experience and Action”, she says she is supported by “Community leaders and elected officials–Republicans, Democrats and Independents” but does not name any of them. She is not pictured on her website with any of them. Her positions on issues are listed on her campaign website.

I supported Martin Howrylak last election. I heard nothing in the voter forum and see nothing on Mary Kerwin’s website that looks new and would cause me to change.

Here is a recent letter that I wrote to the newspapers endorsing Martin Howrylak for State Representative:

Martin Howrylak for State Representative

Michigan’s economy is rebounding and now has a budget surplus, thanks in part to Republican majorities in both houses and Republican governor Rick Snyder. Troy/Clawson Representative Martin Howrylak wants to return some of the surplus to the people who need it most. He has introduced HB5796 to repeal the tax on senior retirement income and HB5183 to expand the homestead property credit.

Last year the legislature increased K-12 education funding by more than $400 million. Rep. Howrylak is working to make sure local schools get their fair share of it and is also working on a supplementary appropriation that would increase funding for Troy & Clawson schools.

Road funding increased $330M for 2014 and $450M for 2015 without increasing taxes. $4M of it came to Troy. Only 60% of the gas tax is spent on roads, and Michigan already has the fifth highest fuel taxes in the nation. Other candidates are looking for creative “revenue enhancements” (new taxes) to fund the roads.

Howrylak is not a partisan Republican, voting differently than his caucus over 140 times in his first two years, representing the people of his district and the state well. Please join me in returning him to the state house for another two years.

Michigan cannot afford to return to the dark days of Governor Granholm’s Democratic tax and spend anti-economic growth policies, where we were indeed “blown away,” exporting jobs and our young people, who sought employment in other states with more favorable business climates.