A classy First Lady

No, this is not about Jill Biden. She may turn out to be OK. We’ll see.

I’m talking about Melania Trump, who has brushed off abuse from the news media and been disdained by many others. She was attacked in the media for not attending today’s inauguration without her husband. Seriously? She also got criticized for her accent and modeling background. Here’s a lady (not just a woman) who speaks seven languages. Some fashion designers boycotted her because of her husband. A fashion model would be a dress designer’s dream, you’d think.

So in honor of Mrs. Melania Trump, here’s an article she wrote (well, probably a speech writer helped her with it) about the White House renovations thanking the team who worked together on these projects to restore the “people’s house.”

Like most First Ladies, she’s also worked on many projects besides this one, of course.

Here’s the link to the White House renovation:


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Author: Dale Murrish

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