The 13th district State Senate race between Democrat Cyndi Peltonen and Republican Marty Knollenberg is a classic contrast, with both candidates openly sharing their political views during the October 13 candidate forum and on their campaign websites. Follow the links above to their campaign websites to learn more.

Here is a previous article written mostly about the State House race, with Republican State Representative Martin Howrylak facing a rematch of two years ago with Democrat Mary Kerwin challenging him.

Endorsed by the Realtors, Retailers, Contractors, Physicians and Physical Therapaists Associations, and the National Federation of Independent Businesses, among others, Martin Howrylak is seeking re-election to his Troy/Clawson State House seat. His positions on issues are listed on his campaign website.

Democrat Mary Kerwin’s endorsements are somewhat vague. “An Independent Voice of Reason, Experience and Action”, she says she is supported by “Community leaders and elected officials–Republicans, Democrats and Independents” but does not name any of them. She is not pictured on her website with any of them. Her positions on issues are listed on her campaign website.

Unfortunately, she did not name any of her endorsements and supporters in 2012 (particularly Republicans) on her website either. Here are some of them from 2012:

  • Organization of School Administrators And Supervisors Union, AFL-CIO
  • Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider
  • Sierra Club
  • United Auto Workers
  • Greater Lansing Labor Council
  • Metro Detroit AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations)
  • Troy Education Association, member of Michigan Education Association (teachers union).
  • Democratic State Representative Lisa Brown (censured for her sexist pro-abortion comment on the floor of the House)
  • Michigan Area Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights, AFL-CIO.
  • American Federation of Teachers.
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Here are some of Martin Howrylak’s 2012 endorsements and supporters:

My complete article written about the 2012 campaign is here, with links to some older articles.

While many union members vote conservative, the national leadership of unions is overwhelmingly liberal on economic and social issues. So the endorsement of labor unions and no business organizations or conservative leaders indicates someone likely to vote with the Democratic caucus most of the time.

Democrat Mary Kerwin may vote for higher spending and thus the higher taxes to pay for it (Michigan has to have a balanced budget, thankfully), which would bring more of Troy’s higher taxes home to our district than Martin Howrylak, who has been an advocate for smaller, more responsive government.

2014 Campaign Update

Martin Howrylak recently picked up the endorsement of the Detroit News, the more conservative of the two Detroit papers. This endorsement should help his campaign, which has been targeted for defeat by the Michigan Democratic Party with over 20 mailings opposing him or for his opponent.

Here’s a recent Detroit News article about the campaign. According to the article, “There was a lot of internal finger-pointing in Democratic circles after the election about whether they should have spent some dough helping Kerwin. This time around, the Democrats are “in this one to win it,” said Rep. Brandon Dillon, D-Grand Rapids, chairman of the House Democratic campaign committee.”

Facing criticism for sometimes going against Republicans, the telling quote from Howrylak is at the end: “If she was in the Democratic caucus, she would be voting ‘no’ all the time,” Howrylak said. “If I voted ‘yes,’ they would be attacking me for voting ‘yes.'”

Predictably, the Detroit Free Press has endorsed Democrat Mary Kerwin. It looks like it will again be a close race.