Former 52-4 District Judge Candidate AnnMarie DeVito has endorsed Mike Bosnic as the most experienced candidate for Troy/Clawson’s next judge.

In a recent Bosnic campaign mailing, DeVito is pictured with her family and the statement “As a longtime Troy resident who is now raising our family here, I am greatly concerned that our next District Court Judge be experienced and vested in our community. Since I am no longer a candidate, I urge you to support Mike Bosnic for our next District Court Judge. He has the courtroom experience necessary to be a great District Court Judge and has a longstanding track record of community leadership. Please join me in voting for Mike Bosnic.” AnnMarie DeVito

The headline reads “Troy deserves a Judge that is fair, impartial…. and experienced” and “Mike Bosnic has the Right Experience.”

The reverse side is biased, but lists Mike Bosnic’s extra nine years as a practicing attorney. His law degree is from 26th ranked Notre Dame in 1994 compared to 2003 at MSU-Detroit College of Law (ranked #87 by U.S. News & World Report) for Maureen McGinnis. It omits Ms. McGinnis’ experience on the Troy City Council while it lists some of his own political experience on the Oakland County Commission. (bold italics are my additions, not in the campaign mailer)

The telling differences are Bosnic’s

  • three years experience as District Court Prosecutor and municipal attorney with a firm in Walled Lake
  • nine years Primary Practice in District Court with his own law firm where he won Federal gender and age discrimination jury trials and was rated “AV”, the top ranking for legal ability, experience and integrity
  • and another four years as a partner in a Clawson law firm that specialized in District Court work, as well as representing taxpayers in property tax appeal cases.

While working another four years at a Troy firm since 2010 (named 2014 “Best Law Firm” by U.S. News and World Report), Bosnic has served as District Court prosecutor for numerous communities.

By contrast, McGinnis has worked since law school graduation in her father’s law firm (11 years), compared to Bosnic’s 20 years of much broader experience.


Primary election surveys from Mike Bosnic, AnnMarie DeVito and Maureen McGinnis can be found at the links shown, with links to their Oakland County Bar Association questionaires. A previous article endorsing Bosnic in the primary appears here.

AnnMarie DeVito had reported some of her campaign signs missing, so I was curious which candidate she would endorse after writing this analysis of the 52-4 District Judge race.

If a majority of DeVito voters go for Bosnic as she recommends, it should be a very interesting race. Either way, Troy/Clawson will have a new District Judge. Best wishes to both candidates in the home stretch!