I got an email from a family friend who had seen my earlier blog post on the February 4, 2014 debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham at the Creation Museum. Since then, he’s written a number of articles about the debate. Here’s a link to the latest one. At the bottom are links to his previous articles and the video of the debate.
Like Bill Nye, who has a degree in engineering, Bill Pelletier does not work in the field (he has a PhD in mathematics), but is very interested in the topic as a hobby. I knew Bill had participated in debates on this topic but did not know he had such an elaborate website. Those who are interested in learning more can explore the site.

Nearly 10 million people saw the live debate and another 2 million have watched the Youtube video. Here is my take on the debate, which had the topic Is Creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?

Both did a very good job presenting their views, in my opinion. Bill Nye did not understand his audience very well, though, and failed to build bridges with those who might disagree. Both sides mostly ignored the large group of people with views in between atheistic evolution and six-day creation. (The other two views are theistic evolution and old-earth creation, also known as Intelligent Design, which uses the same principles of investigating the earth as Darwin but is age-neutral).
Ken Ham, understandably, wanted to persuade Christians to believe in the Bible’s account of creation in Genesis, while Bill Nye marginalized Ham’s interpretation of the Bible (held by a large number of Christians).
I give Nye a lot of credit for engaging the audience of mostly Christians, though he showed a stunning (perhaps deliberate) lack of basic preparation regarding the accuracy of modern English Bible translations from the original Hebrew and Greek.
Insults instead of Bridge Building
He also insulted Kentucky, as he said there was nowhere in the state to get a degree in nuclear medical technology, implying that America would get farther behind in science if voters in other states like Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Kansas did not approve teaching only atheistic evolution in the public school science classes.
Nye said that we in the USA will be outcompeted unless we embrace science education, stating that his view of earth’s origins is the only valid one. He forgets or perhaps did not know that there are plenty of innovative engineers and scientists who hold all four views of the earth’s origins, doing good work all over America.
Engineers use the principles of Newtonian physics to design bridges, cars and other useful things. What one believes about earth’s origins has no bearing on analyzing bearings.
For background reading on the four major views of earth’s origins, you can read my previous blog post.