Like a railroad or pedestrian crossing, not a general “Watch out for deer” caution sign

Deer are creatures of habit, making trails in the woods. I have a coworker who lives in the country near Midland, Michigan. He has hit deer in the same place three times due to slippery roads.

Frequently they cross roads in the same place. On Adams Road in Troy, Michigan they crossed twice in the same week.

We can put up signs in the known places where they cross. You can’t put “Deer, next 3-5 miles” caution signs all over Troy.

Signs are commercially available for crosswalks, with solar powered LEDs.

Pedestrian crossing signs modified for deer

I now work at the Warren Tech Center (moved office from Pontiac to Warren at the end of June this year). See link for a photo of the new mid-engined C8 Corvette.

The Tech Center has yellow flashing lights on top of yellow caution signs “Pedestrian Crossing on both sides of the internal roads to warn motorists of pedestrians.

Here are some Hybrid Beacon (HAWK) pedestrian signals used in Traverse City. (activated by a push button).

Could Troy spend $800 to buy a caution sign with LED lights and a deer on it instead of a pedestrian? And convince Bloomfield Township to install the same sign for southbound traffic on Adams Road? Or spend an extra $700 each to have flashing lights on both sides of the road for each direction (what GM uses on their crosswalks to protect people).

This would protect both people and deer and is worth considering. If successful on Adams Road it could be used for other places where deer cross major roads in the city.

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