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In a previous Patch blog post, I offered all 2014 political candidates the opportunity for free campaign space by responding to survey questions.

Their replies will be posted on the Patch and on the USA Melting Pot website in the order received.

Some of the club principles can be found in the description of our logo. Recent activities of this club, founded in 2011, are detailed in our update to the Troy City Council:


District Judge Race

In the August 5 primary, there is a three-way race for an open district judge seat (six year term). Since incumbent judges are rarely challenged and all three well-qualified candidates are young, Troy voters may be choosing their district judge for the next thirty years.

So I have added a fifth question to the survey and hope each candidate chooses to respond.

Here are the additional questions:

5. For Mike Bosnic: You have previously served as a Republican County Commissioner. The judge seat is non-partisan. Can you be objective in hearing cases?

5. For AnnMarie Devito: You are the least-known of the candidates, not having held public office before. How will the lack of a voting record affect your chances for being elected?

5. For Maureen McGinnis: You served on the Troy City Council and often voted with the liberal bloc. Can you be objective in hearing cases?


These last questions may seem rather sharp and critical, but skilled lawyers should have no trouble handling them. Best wishes to all candidates for judge!

Full disclosure: I know two of the candidates personally and have spoken with the third on the phone, and am convinced that any of them would be a fine judge.

Offer to All Political Candidates

Contested races in the August 5 primary for Troy include U.S. Congress (two Republicans,  three Democrats, and a Libertarian), State Senate (five Republicans and two Democrats), and three candidates for District Judge.

There will also be at least one statewide ballot proposal. Proposal 1 would replace the current Michigan Personal Property Business Tax with a statewide Essential Services Assessment paid only by manufacturers receiving a personal property tax reduction.

Absentee ballots will become available on June 16, 2014. More information on obtaining an absentee ballot can be found at

I hope candidates choose to read The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, by former Reagan Justice Department attorney Mark Levin. Or at least the National Review article summarizing the book. Perhaps the judge candidates will choose to comment on his recommendations for the judicial branch.

As with the Troy Council election, I’ll print their responses in the order received.


Easy way to help a great club

If you wish to support the USA Melting Pot club, a Michigan non-profit corporation, you can make your Amazon purchases through the link on our website. The club will get a percentage of the purchase to fund community service activities and our scholarship fund. Thanks for your support.

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