The Woodward Breakfast & Book Club will hold its first meeting Friday, August 5 from 6:30-7:30 a.m. at a Royal Oak, MI restaurant (TBD). Meetings twice a month on Friday mornings.

At the kickoff meeting we will begin discussion of the Wright Brothers biography by David McCullough and brainstorm ideas for the group’s purposes:

  • Face to face conversation over a good book which sparks ideas and innovation
  • Help rebuild metro Detroit by encouraging entrepreneurship
  • Cross-functional collaboration across racial, ethnic, and demographic lines
  • ??? add your ideas at the meeting or respond by email

Intro/summary for each meeting session could be presented as a TED/TEC talk for video recording, then a list of questions shared for discussion: e.g., how can we apply the Wright Brothers’ innovative approach to our work, to build teamwork at work and in our community, to build bridges between people groups who are currently at odds with each other, etc. Those who can’t attend the live sessions could watch it later as a video at a lunchtime in-person TED/TEC talk.

Kickoff meeting August 5 with introduction to the book and then starting the first chapter August 19, the day before the Woodward Dream Cruise. Future meetings twice a month on Friday mornings. Similar to the Jane Austen Book Club. 

Please RSVP for a head count for the restaurant or to be added to our mailing list. Even if you’re not from SE Michigan, your ideas are welcome. You can participate via email, and we may hold WebEx of the introduction to the meetings. You can host a group wherever you are located!

For more details about community development activities, visit our USA Melting Pot website. It has great information about other countries and cultures by people with first-hand knowledge, ethnic restaurant reviews, outdoor activities, etc. Also blog articles by club members and guest bloggers with a variety of points of view.

These links explain more about the USA Melting Pot club, which shares common principles with the new Woodward Breakfast & Book Club: