Completed in 2013. Still waiting to open...

Completed in 2013. Still waiting to open…


In a previous blog post, I offered Troy City Council candidates the opportunity for free campaign space by responding to survey questions. This 2014 election, I’ll offer the same to all political candidates, posting their replies on the Patch and on the USA Melting Pot website.

Some of the club principles can be found in the description of our logo. Recent activities of this club, founded in 2011, are detailed in our update to the Troy City Council:


State Senate Race – 13th District

Five Republicans and two Democrats are running for the 13th District State Senate Seat, which includes Rochester and Rochester Hills, Troy, Clawson, Royal Oak, Berkley, Birmingham, and Bloomfield Hills.

Please see previous survey responses from Republicans Rocky Raczkowski and Al Gui and Democrat Ryan Fishman.

Survey Response from Marty Knollenberg, Republican Candidate for State Senate

Questions in italicsanswers from candidate in bold:

1.  The Troy Transit Center is a government project with federal funds allocated by the state, approved by a 4-3 majority on the Troy Council. All three levels of government were involved: federal, state and local. It has not yet opened because of an ownership dispute over the land. What lessons can be learned from this? (See more background in this article.)

Clearly, it’s putting the cart before the horse scenario.  Given my lack of trust in lawyers’ and judges’ abilities to truly define what is law, it seems to me that construction should have been put off until ownership was clear.

2.   Have you read The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, by former Reagan Justice Department attorney and conservative talk show host Mark Levin?

No, but am familiar with his conservatism.  If time permits, I will try to get to it after election time.   

3.   What do you think of the eleven specific amendments? You can read a summary of them in this National Review article. Should each of them be adopted, modified or discarded? Please explain. 

Based on the cliff note version that I read and the fact that Washington is broken, it seems to me that debating the problems and considering proposals to fix it makes sense to me.

4.   What other statements would you like to make on behalf of your campaign?

•        I am the only candidate that went to public school in the district and have owned a home in the district (25 years) and have owned a business in the district (26 years).  Because of these ties, I understand the community’s needs.

•        I am the only candidate that has led by example.

  • I introduced legislation that eliminated lifetime healthcare for legislators which is now law.
  • I voted to reduce my pay 10% which is now law.
  • I introduced legislation that prohibits lawmakers from using their campaign funds for criminal defense purposes which is now law.  This was in response to Kwame Kilpatrick’s abuses.
  • I introduced legislation that would dock legislator pay if they don’t show up for work.

•        I am the only candidate that has an actual plan to fix our roads without raising taxes.


More information can be found on Marty Knollenberg’s campaign website.


Liberty Amendments Summary

I’ve read Levin’s book and am interested to know what candidates for public office think of it. More description is in a previous blog post, including links to a National Review article summarizing the book. Below is a brief summary:

Term Limits for Congress, Supreme Court and More Control for State Governments

The first amendment limits members to a total of 12 years in Congress! Supreme Court justices would also be limited to 12 year terms. Other provisions would return more decisions to the states and promote economic growth through the “laboratories of democracy.” (the states)

The closer government is to the people it represents, the more responsive and less wasteful it will be.

Fiscal Tipping Point

President Franklin Roosevelt said, “Any Government, like any family, can for a year spend a little more than it earns. But you and I know that a continuation of that habit means the poorhouse.”

America has reached the tipping point, where its debts will soon be unmanageable if it doesn’t act soon. The growth of the Federal Government must be restrained. Levin’s Liberty Amendments may need some modification. But they are a good start, in my opinion.

Offer to All Political Candidates

I hope candidates choose to read this important book. Since my blog is the most widely read on the Troy Patch, I’ll offer all candidates the exposure to answer the above four questions and give them free publicity for their campaigns.

As with the Troy Council election, I’ll print their responses in the order received.

Easy way to help a great club

If you wish to support the USA Melting Pot club, a Michigan non-profit corporation, you can make your Amazon purchases through the link on our website. The club will get a percentage of the purchase to fund community service activities and our scholarship fund. Thanks for your support.


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