My previous blog post dealt with the unsavory choice many people are wrestling with this year in the Presidential race: Trump, Clinton, Third Party, or not voting. Options C and D are essentially the same thing, since either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be our next President, barring unforeseen catastrophes such as a tragic plane crash or illness.

The negative campaigning this year is over the top, or perhaps in the gutter with personal attacks distracting from the issues. In battleground states like Ohio, voters are weary of being bombarded every five minutes with campaign ads, mostly negative. Twitter lit up with insults from both sides after Governor Pence’s plane ran off the runway at La Guardia. Someone quipped that Hillary Clinton should have added to her well-wishing Tweet “…. And I had nothing to do with it.”

CBS Radio News was back to its cheerleading for Hillary Wednesday in a biased newscast after reporting bad news over the weekend, when James Comey announced that the FBI is reopening the investigation into mishandling of Clinton emails. Alternately praised and attacked, Comey said the FBI will complete its investigation of hundreds of thousands of emails and make a recommendation on indictment before the election. Either a smoking gun for a felony indictment, or more likely lawyerly words like “no reasonable prosecutor” would dare indict a high-ranking Presidential candidate or President-elect will be delivered within the week. (We’re still waiting – an unrealistic deadline.)

Conservative articles are already dissecting the ways Democrats will dodge the bulletObama could pardon Hillary if she wins the election (the voters knew about it and elected her anyway), Obama’s attorney general won’t indict Hillary even if the FBI recommends it, etc.  This article from LawNewz offers a straightforward legal analysis.

Many people have made up their minds or already voted for President, but some are still wrestling with the decision.

Thought I would suggest a Pugh analysis on the issues with an equation to help undecided voters. I know good people who are choosing each of the four main options: Clinton, Trump, Third Party, Abstain.

Regarding Option C, in my first Presidential election (1980), I was young and naive enough to vote for John Anderson, a moderate Republican who ran as an independent that year. I knew Jimmy Carter was not the best choice, though well-intentioned. I thought Ronald Reagan was a trigger-happy cowboy that would get us into World War Three. That’s the way the news media painted him. I listened to them and my friends and voted my conscience. If anything, the media is more polarized and corrupt now than then. When I tell this story to people, many are surprised and some have never heard of John Anderson. The same will be said of most of this year’s third party candidates in a few years.

If people who normally would vote Republican sit this one out or vote third party as is being advocated by some, Hillary Clinton will be our next President. A surprising number of people are disgusted with both candidates and planning to vote for neither of them. In my opinion, this is a naïve cop-out; 5 or 10% of the people voting for a third party candidate will not fix the broken system within both major parties. I agree with some of the reasoning in the video at FaithTrumpsFear, but voting for a third party candidate Option C, is still a protest vote.

Pugh Analysis

Here are the instructions: For each category, assign a point value from 1 to 10 (or a negative number if you feel that 1 is too high), add the subtotal. If you are choosing Option C, multiply the subtotal by 0.1 if your candidate is on the ballot, 0.01 if not, then add 20 or 30 for the protest value.

For option D, why bother if you are staying home? Enter 0; you forfeit your right to complain and will own the foreign and domestic policies and Supreme Court nominees of the major party candidate who is elected.

The stakes are simply too high to vote “present” on this one. There are plenty of on-line tools available to help people select candidates and party platforms. Checking out websites like ISideWith and Pew Research Center can help you see where you stand politically.

Here are the issues, a link to articles on some, and my numbers for an example. If you have different political preferences or opinions, you’ll get a different answer. You can add or subtract issues or change weighting factors. Hopefully this article will help you make a more data driven decision.

I was unable to paste a snip of the spreadsheet into the article. My categories were: Immigration Policy, Abortion & Social Issues, Race Relations, 2nd Amendment Rights, Taxes & Spending, Health Care (Obamacare), Drug Epidemic, Economy, Energy and Environment, National Debt, Homeland Security, Foreign Policy / Terrorism, Vice Presidential Pick, Supreme Court Nominees (double weight), and Trustworthiness. Clear choice for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton: 115 to 27. Third Party candidate assuming all 9 ratings was 34 after 0.1 multiplier and adding the protest value of 20. Abstaining or writing in someone not on the ballot was 1.6 (multiplier of 0.01 times 160 perfect score). Your results will vary according to your preferences, of course.

Immigration Policy has gotten many headlines (link to a detailed article from Business Insider). Continued open borders and amnesty vs. building a wall on the Mexican border and deporting criminal aliens. Perhaps there is no need to try to get Mexico to pay for the wall through reduced foreign aid. The U.S. can simply fix current tax law which encourages off-shore investment.

This Prager University video What’s Killing the American Dream? describes how to fix America’s economic problems. Discerning viewers can decide which candidate they prefer after watching this video about small business success.

Abortion and Social Issues provide a stark contrast between the candidates. Donald Trump is a new convert to the pro-life cause and has been as strong as any recent candidate in debates, hitting back that Hillary Clinton favors late-term abortions, including partial birth abortions, and wants them tax-funded. Clinton favors leaving the decision up to the woman and her doctor. The Democratic Party platform has long been in favor of tax-funded abortions. Hillary, proud recipient of the Margaret Sanger Award from abortion giant Planned Parenthood, could prove to be even more pro-abortion than President Obama. She has voiced support for ending the Hyde Amendment.

Race relations are at a historic low in our country at the moment. Both sides claim the other is more divisive and promoting division. Two very different approaches are proposed. Hillary Clinton favors the Black Lives Matter movement as she seeks votes from that constituency. Michigan has come back into play largely because of apathy from that voting bloc. Donald Trump seeks to return to traditional Republican values of equality, empowerment and economic opportunity for urban areas. Democrat-controlled cities suffer from a much higher unemployment rate than ones which have had Republican mayors. Here’s a scathing critique of the Democrats in Detroit. The current mayor is much better, and Detroit is on its way back up, in my opinion.

Until we have face-to-face dialogue between people of different races and demographic backgrounds like many of us enjoy in the workplace, progress will continue to be slow.

Drug Addiction is another area of contrast. Visit Hillary Clinton’s website to learn her position. Notable quote: “Plain and simple, drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, not a moral failing—and we must treat it as such.” She advocates for Criminal justice reform: Let’s prioritize rehabilitation and treatment over prison for low-level and nonviolent drug offenses and work to end the era of mass incarceration.

Donald Trump favors a wall with Mexico to stop the flow of heroin and other opioids into the country. He favors spending money to combat the drug addiction problem, and encourages faith-based non-profits like Grace Centers of Hope, which receives no government assistance to help with its very effective drug rehabilitation programs. Eric Trump visited Grace Centers Friday and praised the work they are doing (see photo above taken during his visit).  This article describes Grace Centers programs and their winning the $25,000 Hope Award for Effective Compassion in 2015 from WORLD, a national Christian newsmagazine.

Second Amendment rights provide another stark difference; Trump is supported by pro-Second Amendment groups like the NRA, while Clinton is supported by the gun control lobby.

The Vice President this year is much more likely than in years past to become President, in my opinion, so it was included in my Pugh matrix. Tim Kaine was rated the most liberal Presidential or Vice-Presidential nominee in 50 years by the American Conservative Union, the only nominee ever to receive a 0 rating. That rating, based on congressional voting records, puts him to the left of then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama (a 10 percent rating), then New York Sen. Hillary Clinton (8 percent rating) and Sanders (6 percent).

Mike Pence, by contrast, is a social conservative and will be a good influence on President Trump. I’d much rather have a President Pence than a President Kaine.

Hillary Clinton would enter office fighting scandals. Do we really want an Eva Peron or Imelda Marcos for our first female President? Why not wait for a Margaret Thatcher or Angela Merkel? By contrast, Donald Trump would enter office ready to work for the American people, his past in the past, not daily headlines.

Voters too young to remember Watergate would do well to remember past Clinton scandals: Travelgate, Filegate, etc. Now it’s the corrupt Clinton Foundation and credible allegations of pay to play documented by incriminating emails from high ranking aides. The Clintons left office broke by their own admission and have gotten rich by speaking fees; their foundation has raised millions from foreign governments while Hillary was Secretary of State.

On a lighter note, President Obama has invited the World Series champion Chicago Cubs to the White House after more than a century drought. Their victory parade drew an estimated five million people! Obama was a White Sox fan but crossed the aisle to root for the Chicago team. My memory from growing up as a Cubs fan was there were three times as many Cubs fans as White Sox fans, though I attended far more Sox games at Comiskey Park. (They gave away free tickets for perfect school attendance, which tells you something.)

I still remember Jack Brickhouse announcing for the Cubs: “Santo, Kessinger, Beckert and Banks, the infield third to first….” And of course Ferguson Jenkins on the mound and Randy Hundley behind the plate. And “Back, back, hey, hey” whenever a Cub would hit a home run. Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub, would quip: “the Cubs will be great in 68”. Next year the line was “the Cubs will be fine in 69.”

My well-placed source in the know tells me that early voting from the 1908 Cubs team is breaking for Hillary Clinton. Seriously, voter fraud is a concern, with Heritage Foundation keeping a running list. “A mayoral election in East Chicago, Indiana, in 2003 and a state senate race in Tennessee in 2005 were also overturned because of voter fraud. In 2013, four individuals in Indiana were convicted of forging signatures on the ballot petitions that qualified Barack Obama for the state’s May 2008 primary election.”

For the Left, every vote is supposed to count. Why do they resist a picture ID for voting?

My Junior High Social Studies teacher’s grandparents voted faithfully in East Chicago, Indiana for several years after their death. This was dismissed as an old yarn by a local pastor a few years ago when I wrote about it on the Troy Patch. Here is an article from the Indianapolis Star analyzing all types of voter fraud, including the East Chicago case.

The Democrats have been pinging my phone with messages: “When are you returning your ballot? Once you do, you get to sit back and enjoy watching the results on Election Day – Ariana with MI Democrats”

My reply was “Voting in person on Election Day”. Think that early voting and absentee ballots will favor the Democrats this year. Some people may have buyers’ remorse with the looming Clinton scandal.

Deceptive Robocalls (from Democrats?):

From a 517 area code: “The government has now provided up to 3 free cell phones for people who qualify for government assistance. Press 1 if you receive Medicaid and would like to learn more; press 2 if you would like to be removed from our list.”

If I was thinking quicker I would have pressed 1 to learn who it was, but I’d bet a quarter that it’s a tactic to get out the Democratic vote.


Voters who favored another Republican in the primaries are urged to come home and support the Republican nominee. Otherwise they will own Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court nominees and have to explain to their children why her Supreme Court judges are on the bench transforming America. Hillary’s replacement for Antonin Scalia will certainly not vote to leave him resting in peace. She has pledged to appoint judges who will interpret a living breathing Constitution with new rights being invented by the judiciary circumventing the will of the people, not interpreting the written Constitution with amendments, passing new amendments and laws as needed.

Thanks to daily Wikileaks and Huma Abedin & Anthony Wiener, Americans now have an inside peek into the inner workings of the Democratic Party (from their own emails). Perhaps Dinesh D’Souza was right in his documentary Hillary’s America. If half of what D’Souza alleges is true (and much can be proven), it should give traditional Democratic voters reason to switch to the party of Abraham Lincoln. Current Republicans may not be true to their principles, but unfortunately current Democrats are true to theirs.

For sure there is a takeaway for everyone involved in business or politics: write emails assuming they will be forwarded to someone or subpoenaed someday, and don’t hit the send button until you consider how it might sound in a news headline.

Honesty really is the best policy, and the truth will one day be revealed. One of the wisest men who ever lived (Israel’s King Solomon) once said, “The conclusion, when all has been heard, is: fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person. For God will bring every act to judgment, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.” Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

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