Carl Petersen starts his well documented article with a great quote from Pope Francis: “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge him?” I agree with this quote, but don’t think the Catholic Church will start marrying gay people. Perhaps allow gay priests someday.

From the horrible headline left over from the California Proposition 8 battle, the article goes rapidly downhill, as Carl bookends it with his predetermined bias.  Where is the conscience exception for Christian florists, bakeries and photographers who believe that gay marriage violates the teaching of Jesus in Matthew 19 and overall Biblical principles regarding who can be married?

Based on ADF’s past performance,  Arlene’s Flowers has a good chance of winning its case:

Alliance Defending Freedom and its allies have won 80% of cases litigated to conclusion, including 38 precedent-setting victories at the U.S. Supreme Court and hundreds more in the lower courts.

At the end of the article, Carl misrepresents “birth control,” as many do.

The Michigan legislature just passed a work-around for Hobby Lobby owners so they won’t be forced against their conscience to pay for drugs which prevent implantation of fertilized embroyos (the morning-after pill) as part of Obamacare. More than twenty institutions have pending lawsuits about this. So it’s far from a settled issue.

Please read more about this bill and other pro-life progress from the links in this Patch article: When Does Life Need Protection?

Just offering an alternate opinion…