The Woodward Breakfast and Book Club held its first meeting August 5, 2016. Here are the notes from our book study of the Wright Brothers biography by David McCullough:

Introductions: Name, interesting fact about yourself, what you hope to get out of this group.

Read the Wright Brothers biography Prologue aloud.

“No bird soars in a calm.” Wilbur Wright

Study Questions

  1. Do you feel like your life has a destiny? A life calling or vocation?
  2. Did you have a toy or hobby as a child that has borne fruit as an adult? One that you’d like to pick up again?
  3. What disappointments have you had that later turned out to be for the best? Do you have a disappointment that still causes you pain, or an ongoing struggle that you can’t seem to shake or make sense of?
  4. Was there a teacher or other adult, a parent or grandparent who inspired you to try new things? One who discouraged you from exploring? How did this shape your life as an adult?
  5. Destiny: If you believe in God, do you think your activities here on earth are part of His plan for it? Your daily work, however mundane it may seem to you? Perhaps a kind word to someone, or a prayer is part of His big picture plan for this world we call home for a few short years.

August 5 discussion:

  1. Many people (who were engineers by trade) felt that engineering was their calling, and some felt it was also their passion. Some had passion for other things, like community development, entrepreneurship, architecture, and music.
  2. People enjoyed building with LEGOs (now there are LEGO Robotics and a competition for it!), playing keyboard music, helping their dad work on cars, and bicycling. For me, the bicycling hobby has carried over into my adult life and combined with travel and a new hobby of writing. Here’s an article about Tour deTroit and other bicycling events.
  3. People talked about favorite math or science teachers, and especially parents. Sometimes a parent might try to discourage certain activities; you have to discern the reason looking back and give the benefit of the doubt where possible.
  4. Destiny was mentioned in the Wright Brothers Prologue for both Leonardo da Vinci (he felt predestined to study flight) and the Wrights (Orville was tinkering at his desk in first grade with bits of wood – a model of a machine that he said he and his brother were going to fly someday). Some of the group members felt God had given them a purpose for their life – a destiny, and felt part of His plan for the world.

Most people will never accomplish anything nearly as amazing as the Wright Brothers. Does that mean our lives don’t matter? Though it may not seem like it to us at times, all lives matter.

Let’s dive in and see what we can learn from how the Wrights approached the challenges they faced as they did their work of discovery. (Chapter 1, to be discussed during our next meeting 6:30-7:30 a.m. September 2, at Niki’s Restaurant, 703 N. Main St. Royal Oak, MI 48067


More details about the Woodward Breakfast and Book Club (our first book is the Wright Brothers biography by David McCullough), and what we hope to accomplish are in this blog post.

Enjoy the Woodward Dream Cruise this week! The epicenter of next year’s Cruise may move to Pontiac, good news for Pontiac!

If you can’t attend the next meeting, please leave your ideas in the comments or send us an email. You don’t need to live in the metro Detroit area to participate. So far we have Woodward Breakfast & Book Club members from Arizona, New York and Germany. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!