Skiing – Alpine and Nordic

This presentation given at the Troy Public Library in January 2013 describes Alpine (downhill) skiing, and Nordic (cross-country) skiing. Places to do both types of skiing in southeast Michigan (places with ski rental – golf courses if you have your own X-C skis), and Up North (northern Michigan). Several places near Grayling have groomed cross country trails and make-them-yourself trails through woods.

Dale describes what type of clothing to wear for each type of skiing, equipment costs, and techniques for each type of skiing. If you have to drive in it, you might as well learn how to play in it.

Cross country skiing is much less expensive than downhill. Can be anything from a walk – slide – through the woods to a moderate amount of hills, to expert hills which can be strenuous. You can even telemark down an easy hill at an alpine ski resort.

Author: Dale Murrish

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